Too kawaii to live Too sugoi to die

Hey I'm Jess
22/cis female/bi
I draw art, liveblog,
and sometimes have
lots of feelings
It's pretty silly.
Requests are: OPEN



i don’t even know what i’m doing with my time anymore but hey heres the magic the gathering butt cracks guy and hes gonna bless ur blog

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Here’s one with my hair out of my face so you know I ain’t fuckin around.
No one should have this much volume with this haircut goodnight.
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"You should wash your hair everyday! It can’t be that bad!!!"

okay but….

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I’m glad schools back bc

all of my friends are tumbling again 

u go friends.

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"are you kissing my buzzcut?"

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Thank you jake

you are a good friend

thank you to all my friends actually.

It sounds weird but I’m really happy to have friends who can straight up tell me I look like shit. Like,

that amount of comfort and familiarity will always be surprising to me in a good way. 

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There’s a Sheriff Stilinski is Dean Winchester tag on Ao3

if I die young

bury me in teen wolf

lay me down on a bed of sterek w/supernatural crossovers

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what should i name my monkey ! i wanna write slmething inside it before i sew it up

Jordan. Ashley. Jesse (ie?) idk if it has a gender at all so I tried to go with gender neutral stuff??? uh….name it after a fave character???

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